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AJ has been an absolute joy to work with.

He is very passionate about his career in Real Estate and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects. I would highly recommend contacting AJ for all your buying and selling needs! Source:Linkedin

Sara Cavigia

Alberto is one of the Best Realtors I've ever worked with.

He was extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and most importantly paid attention to the details I was interested in!! Always on time and delivered beyond my expectation!! Source: Linkedin

Patricia A Davis

AJ brings a high level of technical knowledge, playing, and coaching to the game of soccer.

He pushes players towards their optimal potential, helping them to mature into young men and women who are leaders. He is able to recognize which players need what type of correction as well as how to deliver it to improve their development while maintaining a high level fo respect and trust as a mentor. He loves to teach, he loves to train and as a leader is humble enough to continue learning his craft. AJ has coached my son for the past year and has become a friend. I am grateful for his investment in my son, not just as a player, but as a young coach and a young man with a passion for the game. AJ brings a contagious pursuit of excellence that challenges each person around him to take their game and their life to the next level. I am blessed to call him friend. Source: Linkedin

Trent Ballard

We were looking for a second home in Florida, and we called Al Stapleton.

Not only was he professional and nice; but he truly cared about what it was we were looking for. He followed up constantly, he checked in on us, or called the mortgage company to be sure all was correct - he truly went out of his way to make this the easiest and least complicated transaction we have ever done. I HIGHLY recommend Al for all of your mortgage needs! Source:

Cindi Jacobs

AJ is both passionate, committed and loyal whether that be his career, 3t Ministries, coaching soccer or his family.

He is a visionary and an inspirational leader who can provide out-of-the-box thinking for start-up projects. AJ is also a connector who can provide key leverage for organizations or projects that need the right people involved to reach that critical tipping point. These key strengths of AJ's would be an asset to any organization or project in search of a person to infuse the passion necessary to move it to the next level. Source: Linkedin

Steve Myer

AJ is a phenomenal professional at his craft.

He always has every detail down to a science. His knowledge of the game and being able to communicate it to players and his peers is hands down the best. His intelligence always backs up with his plethora of experience being around the game for so long and being able to communicate with a multitude and diverse group of people is excellent. His leadership one of the characteristics that stands out, no matter the situation he always has a the right approach and solution to keep the fluidity going in the right direction. Being on the same field with him and just observing his style always allows for everyone around him to enrich their knowledge and passion. Source: Linkedin

Konstantin Grey

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